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Signet Library Wedding - September 2012

When the moon hit the sky above The Signet Library, it was amore all round!

The Signet Library creates a canvas of opportunity to create imaginative, sophisticated and elegant weddings, where only the most sublime of menu can underpin such perfect days.  None more so than the innovative, bespoke Scottish and Italian Fusion Menu created for Leanne and Mark‘s wedding in September. The couple from Aberdeen, who currently live in the Middle East, were keen to fuse the two European cultures together as their excitement of a honeymoon in Italy was building. This artistic and exciting menu promised to be one that would surprise and impress every guest from the canny Scot to the flamboyant impresario Italiano.

Hosting both their ceremony and the reception at The Signet Library, the couple and their guests enjoyed a whole day of blissful food and alluring wine, all characterised by their quirky Scottish-Italian theme. Upon their arrival, guests were welcomed into the Lower Library and had the chance to admire the impressive columns and intricate corners; a centre of knowledge and culture, it proved the perfect backdrop for the couple’s special day. Later they dined in the Upper Library, a room that radiates elegance and beauty. Surrounded by the beautiful pillars and casement bookcases, along with an ornate balustrade on the upper balcony, everyone was sure to savour the food and wine in such an impressive setting.

The couple discovered The Signet Library at the Pommery Bar in the summer of 2011 and fell in love with the venue’s charm and grace. They came back for a menu consultation (along with some inspirational food tastings) at Christmas of the same year and their creation was born. With a big focus on food, our executive chef, Robbie pursued his inner Antonio Carluccio and came up with some great ideas such as a tantalising Haggis Ravioli - encapsulating the ethos of fusion food perfectly and with the promise of 5 or 6 courses, guests were to be truly impressed and entertained. When it came to the wine, however, it was Italian through and through and with the help of our expert sommeliers the wine certainly flowed to create a delightfully decadent reception.  Now that’s amore!

View Leanne and Mark's wedding breakfast menu here



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