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Planning your wedding in six months?

Here at the Signet Library, we’ve had the honour of hosting couples on one of the most important days of their lives and what we’ve noticed is that every single wedding is different. We’ve had magical Harry Potter inspired nuptials, classically romantic weddings and fun, whimsical wedding breakfasts with a touch of fantasy. What stays the same with each wedding though, is the couple’s excitement at making a lasting commitment to one another and celebrating it with their closest friends and families.

Wedding planning can be intimidating though, with the scores of wedding ideas, cake options, place settings, favours and all the logistics involved, especially when you’re planning a wedding within a year. To help all of our couples enjoy the planning process, Heritage Portfolio has created a useful six month guide so that it’s a pleasure to plan and not a pain.

Read on below for our guide, and get in touch if you want to wed in our unique and stunning venue. 

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