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Olly, Oz and Tim are on a mission to show you just how much fun wine can be...  

....come along whether you're an expert, an enthusiast or just enjoy the odd glass ...there's fun to be had. ther

For an experience of utter jollity and some extremely good wine, come along to the Signet Library on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June 2012 to enjoy the wonderful company of the Three Wine Men, AKA Oz Clark (much loved wine expert), Tim Atkin (Master of Wine) and Olly Smith (The Mail on Sunday & Saturday Kitchen). You will meet Oz, Olly & Tim, taste an amazing selection of wines from around the globe & we are certain an excellent time shall be had by all. So buy a ticket, come along, grab a glass & get tasting with TV’s favourite wine gurus.For tickets and more info visit

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